Open Technologies

What we do, and why we do it

Dronecoria develops useful and necessary technology to restore ecosystems through direct sowing. On this page you can see the projects that we have active, as well as access the documentation to replicate them.

All our biotechnological developments are free and accessible. We believe that our tools are useful, and if they serve to improve ecosistems, should be widely used.

If you want to help in the development of technology, contact us through the volunteer form.

If you want to support us financially so that we continue to improve this technology, please check the Donation page.

Open Source Reforestation Machines

Dronecoria Drone

Our Dronecoria frame is an open source drone for restore ecosystems by aerial sowing. It is built entirely by 6mm plywood cutted in laser. Currently the latest stable version and that we recommend is the V6.

Seed Sower

The Seed Sower is a mechanism designed to be able to disperse seeds from a moving vehicle (drone, car, bicycle…). It consists of two distinct mechanisms. The Seed Shutter connects to the deposit that stores the seeds and allows  to control the flow rate by opening or closing remotely. It drops the seeds to the Seed Disperser, which rotates to spread the seeds in order to maximize the covering of 10 meters around the drone.

Seed Coating Machine

Our Seed Coating Machine is a complete system that makes it possible to coat and pelletize seeds with liquid and powder materials with a high degree of automation and accuracy. It consists of a Control Box with Arduino, an air compressor, a concrete mixer, and spray and dust dosing systems.

Was the winner of the Conservation X Tech Prize 2020.

Seed Computer

The Seed Computer is a version of the Astroplant adapted to conduct seed germination experiments under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature. The surface of the germination chamber has been enlarged for this purpose.

Seed Bank

Our Seed Bank allows to store and treat forest seeds in an economical way. It involves hacking one or more common refrigerators, which when connected to the board can be controlled remotely.