Get involved

Choose your way to green the world

If you want to get involved in aerial reforestation with sowing  drones and you don’t know how, here are some ideas. From lowest to highest degree of involvement and implication. We are sure you’ll find one that fits you.

Level 1

Stay informed

Read our mailing list, stay tuned in our social channels, ask questions to better understand the restoration bottlenecks and the possible solutions.


Level 2

Like & Share

Tell your neighbor about us. It is incredibly beneficial for the project that you like, subscribe and share our videos and posts about the solutions we offer to relevant people that could be interested. We want to reach and help other reforestation projects.

Level 3

Make a one time donation

We follow a non-profit model, all the gains are invested in research and development about create science based solutions of efficient large-scale  reforestations.

Level 4

Take part in Discourse and Telegram

We are an open community! You can collaborate in our Telegram group and Discourse group.

Level 5

Make a periodic donation

Having monthly support is a great way to collaborate, as having recurring income helps us a lot to plan performances throughout the year.

Level 6

Dress up or give away our Merchandising

Give away or dress up our T-shirt designs, stickers or hoodies, and create new forests. Everything raised will be planted.


Level 7

Find Opportunities

Do you know of any entities that are interested in planting trees? Do you know landowners or managers to reforest? Write to us and help us get resources and territory to continue sowing life.


Level 8

Sign up for our volunteer list

We have a list of volunteers we turn to when we need help, from community manager, artificial intelligence, or flying drones to map territories. We can't do this alone!


Level 9

Come work with us!

Our seed lab is located in Pitres, La Alpujarra, Spain. But most of the work we do online. If you dare to spend at least a few weeks with us as a volunteer, there's a lot of work to be done! You can also get more involved until you're part of the project.


Level 10

Start a reforestation project

Helping Dronecoria is great, but if you really want to green the world, get on with it. Get organized with people around you, and start a reforestation project. Let’s walk this beautiful path together. If you don’t know where to start, read this. And from there we’re on the same journey.