About us

Dronecoria is an open project where participation are accepted in many levels. There have been different people who have passed through it and collaborated. The team is evolving and growing.

If you want to join the project visit the section Get involved to get ideas.

How we organize

We are structured into a nucleus of people whose involvement is greater, and collaborators who participate in time with some tasks.


Lot Amorós

Computer engineer and transdisciplinar artist, with experience in data visualization interfaces and interactivity. Passionate about the values of free software, he became very implicated with the development of early UAV’s, researching what tech for good can bring to humanity.



Jesus Ledesma

Forest Technical Engineer with experience in permaculture and a passion for ecosystem restoration.

Currently investing and undertaking in the Rural Regenerative Development Glocal, mainly agroforestry.

Drone Design

Salva Serrano

Architect specialized in parametric design and digital manufacturing. My practice focuses on creating ephemeral installations and architectures based on experimentation with growth and self-organization models present in nature, employing algorithm-aided design tools, digital manufacturing technologies and open source hardware.

Andreu Ibanez

I am the Director of ICT Laboratories of the Lleida Science Park, where among many other activities, the LleidaDrone Association is headquartered, which I founded in 2011 and has collaborated since its inception with Dronecoria, doing workshops, talks and R&D projects.
Forest scientist

Christine Fischer

I am dedicated to understanding the ecological role that fungi play in the forest. Thanks to the years researching on truffles and mycorrhizals at the Centre Tecnologic Forestal de Catalunya. I provide a scientific-technical perspective to the project. I am fascinated by the cultural, gastronomic and ecological context of fungi, which I integrate into the trips, talks and dinners that I offer in my company, Sitka Services LLC.
technological development

Victor Barahona

Engineer, maker and permacultor. I have dedicated to permaculture in a farm in the north of Navarra but above all I build things like 3d printers, ar sandbox etc. Experimenting with indoor growing cameras and in particular to optimize seed germination.
Computer Engineer

Antonio Espinosa

Collaborates in the configuration of interactive maps on the project website and in the programming of seed lab control systems
Hardware  Development

Alexandre Oliver

Passionate about technological projects, fond of scaoching from a young time, to develop or invent anything that moves and if it flies even better, if technology is put at the service of life will assist in the development of the new humanity.
Scientific advice

Cristóbal Campos

PhD in Plant Nutrition and soil science, I consider plants our source of life. They give us everything we need and we must study and understand them.


Sharing the passion of flight


It is an association that spreads technoethics and shows good practices in the use of drones. It offers trainings and workshops that take advantage of emerging methodologies.

Welcome to the future, welcome to Lleida Drone

Lleida Drone

The LleidaDrone Intelligence initiative aims to link drones with the newest technologies, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Edge Computing among others.