Collaborate in the deployment of drone based restoration

Help us develop this technology

We develop this knowledge in open source, so it can be used by anyone, community, company or country, to have access of these revolutionary restoration technologies.

There is a lot of work to do, from design business models, to develop better algorithms for the analysis of the territory, or perfect and evaluate the pelletizing of seeds. These are the next steps we are taking to close the cycle of aerial planting.


Design, Flight and Construction

We have developed a hexacopter of 8 kg load capacity, if you have experience in drones, we need your help!

GIS + Deep Learning

Territory analysis

We analyze the territory and decide which is the best place for each seed. If you are a GIS master, or know how to program machine learning algorithms, the planet needs you!


Development of pelletization

We need to create and perform different coating experiments with seeds in order to determine the % of survival os different species in each ecosystem. If you know about biology or forestry, and you can collaborate with us, we need more hands and tests!