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Drones could regreen the world

Drone technology, coupled with native seeds coated, can transform the efficiency with which we restore ecosystems.


Appropriate Open Source Technologies

The society has efficient machines for deforestation, but we lack the necessary technologies for ecological restoration.

We developed a technology updated to the 21st century, which allows professionals, governments and companies to make efficient reforestations of high value, low cost, building a community around them forming a new economy of ecological restoration.

Territory analysis

Locate the perfect spot for each seed.

We make every seed in a winner. Deep knowledge learned from nature,  optimizing the survival capacity of each specie depending on  each location.

Aerial sowing

Sow at low cost

Drones cover 1 ha in 10 minutes. They carry  up to half million of seeds in each flight. Sow them accurately or dose an exact amount per square meter at low cost.

Pelletized seeds

Survival otimization

Coating can exponentially increase the survival of each seed, protecting it from predators and capturing moisture for germination.

Climate Action Challenge Winners

We were one of the ideas selected from 384 designers from 70 countries to mitigate climate change.

Artificial LIFE Award

In 2015 we won the international Art and Artificial Life competition of the Telefónica Foundation, with which we made the first prototypes of seed dispersal and were able to evolve the proof of concept, and pelletized seeds with microorganisms.

Tenemos que sembrar bolas de semillas rápido, por que no hay tiempo. Depende de ti que este sea el inicio de la reforestación del planeta o solo hacer verde esta isla. No dejes que esta isla se convierta en el último paraiso.

– Masanobu Fukuoka, creator of Natural Agriculture.

La creación de mil bosques está en una bellota

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher and poet.

Cuando los elefantes se pelean, es la yerba la que sufre

– Somali proverb

No podemos engañar a la naturaleza, pero sí podemos ponernos de acuerdo con ella.

– Albert Einstein

Past Events

24 May 2018


We will present the project officially at the What Design Can Do conference at the Stadsschouwburg theatre in Amsterdam.

31 August 2018

Presentation and workshop at Candelaria Drone Festival

We will present the project for the Drones festival of Tenerife and re-re-energize the first construction workshop of our drone.

The latest from our blog

You can follow the development of the project both on the blog and on our Youtube channel. We will publish summary of each milestone we achieve.

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