Drones are greening the world. Join us.

Dronecoria develops Open Source biotechnological tools and knowledge. Enabling large-scale, low-cost environmental restorations through sowing drones and seed enhancement.

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What we do

At Dronecoria we are developpin a forestry technology updated to the 21st century, which open source licenses that allow entities and companies to be able to carry out efficient reforestations of high value, low cost, and build a community around them to form a new economy of ecological restoration.

We want to do it in a collaborative and open way. That is why we share our research,  we encourage environmental organizations to know out techniques, talk and cooperate. Together we can regreen the world.

Open technologies

Technological solutions for direct sowing of forests. From our drone carrying 10 kg of seeds, to a seed coating machine. Open Source Hardware. Ready to download, build and start reforesting.

Open science

Research on forest seed enhancement. Improve and protect forest seeds with science-based methodologies to successfully green the environment. Open Cience. Ready to learn and replicate.

ecosystem services

If you are interested in restoring an ecosystem,  contact us and we will inform you the possibilities that  we offer.

  • Ecosystem restorations by direct aerial seeding.

  • Ecosystem restorations by buried planting.

  • Consultancy.

  • Improvement of forest seeds.

  • Training and management of sowing and planting reforestation projects.

"Nature don't plant trees, it sow seeds"

Our relationship with nature is about learn. We observe, admire, copy and try to help by making tasks easier, letting nature do the rest. 

"For us, Open Source isn't a choice, it's a philosophy."

We face challenges with digital manufacturing technologies and the Open Source philosophy as principles. We don’t want to own machines that plant thousands of trees. We want to teach thousands of people to plant thousands of trees”

"This is a huge challenge that no one can confront alone"

We want to be replicable, we want to be inspiration and be inspired, we want to meet among those of us who think the same way and walk nearby. We want to have no borders or a single language. We want to create a global platform to green the world we inhabit.

You can help us

Over the past few years we have managed to move forward using different funding pathways ranging from private donations to Crowdfunding

If we can do everything we do, it is thanks to the people who offer us their time and knowledge to provide solutions. They are the people that are making this possible , you can meet them in About us section.


Funding us with donations gives us a lot of freedom to work for the common good.

If you like what we do, and you want to help us keep doing it. Visit our Donate page, you can make a one-time donation, or a monthly donation. We will keep you informed of everything we achieve thanks to the contribution of the community.

contests and calls

Introducing (and winning) competitions, as well as helping us test and improve our proposal, is serving us to fund us.

Since the beginning of Dronecoria this is the contests we have won.

ecosystem services

The money we get by offering related services helps us move forward with our goals. In addition to paying wages and expenses, we always have something left to invest in open source R&D.

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Our parners

We thank our funders