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Our history

Dronecoria is a project devised by Lot Amorós de Aeracoop, with the collaboration of Jesús Ledesma de Permacultura Laguar

The Dronecoria project was an idea that emerged in early 2011 during an artistic residency around drones in the Netherlands.

I concluded that one of the best applications that drones could have was to transport life, and we came to the concept of dronecoria, like the anemocoria of seeds, which use wind as a seed dispersal strategy, I was going to use drones to sow.

I presented the idea with the Nuvem call for art and technology in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it was the winner. So I was able to adapt the drone I had developed in the Netherlands to launch a fledgling clay seed balls in the jungle of inland Brazil. There we made the following video and an initial documentation of the project.

The next iteration would come in Barcelona in 2014 while developing the flone open source drone. We were making a video of a drone launching seeds for Dr. Seed Freedom's international campaign. Vandana Shiva together with Chinese International CC and we came up with the idea of using a bottle as a seed deposit and an artisan shutter to throw them. The video is still available at the following link:

Thanks to this first proof of concept, in 2015 I won the Call Artificial Life, of the Telefónica Foundation, which gave a boost to the project and developed together with Ootro studio a 3D printed seed dispenser for bottles of different sizes. In this time I went to live with Jesus Ledesma to Permacultura Laguar and we were able to deepen the clay pelletizing system through a concrete mixer. It was the summer of 2015 and I made the following video where I documented some advances and tests with flone and the seed dispenser.

With these advances we were selected for the first world congress of Automatic Forest Restoration, university in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where we shared our progress and had the opportunity to meet different ecologists from all over the world who researched with technology and ecological restoration.

At the end of 2017, we were one of the winning projects of What Design Can Do, which provided us with the necessary help to design and manufacture our goal: a complete drone with which to carry a bottle of 8 liters loaded with seeds. We win the prize with the following video: