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Native coated seeds

Sowing the present to protect the future

Climate change, wildfires, desertification and deforestation are threatening natural ecosystems. While traditional reforestation is expensive and can not achieve the rate of degradation.

Our mission

The food industry has shown that pelletized seeds increase efficiency and germination in agriculture. We want to demonstrate that native coated seeds can be used in forestry to make restorations much more efficient. Specifically, pelletized seeds have:

  • Better water absorption.
  • Homogeneous germination.
  • Prevented from predators.
  • It allows to incorporate microorganisms and ecological nutrients for immediate absorption.
  • Protected from the Sun.
  • It facilitates machining (for aerial planting with drone).
  • Neutralizes soil pH by calcium carbonate coverage.

All this results in increased germination, fertility and viability.

We experimented with seed pelletizing technologies, using concrete mixers, but also investigated how to perform an open source pelletizer. We grow wild active microorganisms, and experiment with new ecological supplies. All the accumulated knowledge has been embodied in the Powerful Seeds project, to bring together all the research and dissemination of seed pelletization there, do not miss visiting it.


Ants, together with other rodents, cause a high rate of seed predation. Our goal is to confuse the fauna present so that the seeds can germinate.


If we keep moisture around the seed for 10 days, we will greatly multiply its chances of germination and survival


Pelletizing seeds facilitates the machining of planting, in order to carry the ecological restoration of ecosystems on  industrial scale.

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