How to build a drone for sowing in agriculture an forestry

DIY fabrication and buy.

Technical characteristics

The drone consists of a laser-cut structure and a 3D printed seed/solid dispenser.


The wooden structure of the drone weighs 1.8 kg, we use six T-Motor P60 engines protected against dust and water. 

Drone manufacturing files have a Creative Commons by-sa license that allows commercial use.


  • Cost of manufacture: approximately 2000 US$.
  • Weight: 8 kg.
  • Dimensions: 72 x 72 x 40 cm.
  • Flight time: 42 minutes without payload.
  • Range radius: 1 km.
  • Payload: An 8 litre bottle of seeds. (up to 500,000 seeds or about 8kg of pelletized seeds.)
  • Speed: Sow up to 30 km/h.
  • Autonomy: Fully automated sowing.



These are the links of the materials. There are links to the stores:

  • Banggood (Electronics, China).
  • Ebay (Batteries, Local Supplier).
  • Shapeways. (3D printing service)

Where to buy it?

Dronecoria is an open source project, where we provide all the information so that the project can be replicated. We encourage you to participate in the project, making improvements, looking for organizations that can fine-tune the restoration of ecosystems or making a donation to the project.
If this is the first drone you manufacture we recommend starting with other smaller drones, such as the flone project.

The cost of the full drone with two batteries and one transmitter is less than 2000 euros.

You should look for a local laser cutter that can do the wood cutting service for you.

Below we place links to online stores like Banggood or Ebay, where to buy the components. Please note that it depends on your country you can find a nearest supplier, or that possible customs charges are not included.

Our plan

The drone is only part of the project, it is necessary to work on the analysis part of the territory and in the process of coating seeds.

Territory Analysis

We are looking at the basis of what would be a big data project for decision-making in sowing for ecosystem restoration.

Seed coating

Seed pelletizing is very important. Learn how to pelletize or improve the formula in the sister project: Powerful Seeds (Semillas Poderosas).

Business plan

We are looking for companies that want to use this technology and collaborate in its development to improve efficiency collectively.

Collaborate with green tech for ecological restoration

Help us to improve this tools.